Storage Racks

  • Storage Racks

  • We are the manufactures of all types of storage racks, heavy, mild and light duty Our products are being manufactured from standardised raw materials procured from reputed sheet plants.

Slotted Angles

Slotted angles are manufactured from slitted sheets, of various thickness with uniformity of parallel holes, enabling different usage.

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Panels for steel racks are fabricated from the CR sheets of various thickness. Lengths and widths are customized Side bendings are ensured to

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Heavy Duty Racks

Heavy duty racks are fabricated to carry heavy weight and good volume of materials. These are used in ware-house, logistics, automotive

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Super Market Racks

We do manufacture departmental store racks. These are easily detachable and compact in size with perfect and technically proved designing.

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Pigeon Hole Racks

Pigeon hole racks are with small inner partitions enabling the storage of minute materials. These racks are all three sides covered with sheet

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